Friday, December 10, 2010

I Am Glad I Am ME !

I took the kids to the dentist office this week and had to journal the experience coming home. Two out of 3 of us came out with a "clean bill of teeth"! Miss Lauren well let's just say we had an appointment the next day with the "cavity dentist".
So we are on our trek home about 10 seconds into the drive, and Lauren says "I am glad I am me!" and Alex chimes in with equal steadfastness "I am glad I am me too". I just sat there and soaked that in. I was like huh, they like that they are who they are. Hmm. That is wonderful!
Do I like who I am? Am I glad I am ME? (saying this in my head) I asked them "Why are you glad you are you?" Immediately they each gave their reasons, both matched. Because if God didn't make me-me I would not have my family, or my friends, or my dog. And that right there was the order. Aren't kids pretty wonderful. I found it humorous Lauren would say that knowing her visit the next day would not be so pleasant. But isn't that just life. We have ups and downs. But let's be happy God put us right where we are.
Life can get muddled and we can start to compare our lives with others. Our abilities or talents to others. I am careful not to do that to my kids. I know each and every child has strengths and weaknesses. Comparing our children (or ourselves) to others can lead to wrong emotions such as jealousy,covetousness,envy, boasting,pride. None of which are becoming to the heart of a christian. Should we not give all the glory to God for giving them the ability and talent, and equally thankful for the challenges that God gives them to stretch them and help them to become stronger in the task and know that they worked hard to overcome and conquer a quest.
Are you glad you are YOU??

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  1. A lovely thought, isn't it? How wonderful that your children are grateful for the life they live~I hear that here too and am thankful.
    How I wish all children could live in a happy, loving home atmosphere~what a different world we would have:)